Port Angeles is blessed with beauty all around. Mountains, evergreens, beaches, and a quaint downtown make for some picturesque scenery that is magnified twice a day as the sun rises and sets over the horizons. For a romantic evening, pack a picnic and head to one of these impressive viewpoints for a sunset that will blow you away. 

Port Angeles City Pier

Watch as the ferry to Victoria arrives and departs from its terminal at the City Pier. Ediz Hook, home to the Coast Guard station, juts out into the waters of the Salish Sea and provides a natural breakwater. From the City Pier, climb a couple flights of stairs to the top of the observation tower and you’ll find an unparalleled view of the town and harbor. Watch as the setting sun reflects off the colorful buildings in Port Angeles and gaze upon the boats and ferries as they come and go from the harbor. 

Salt Creek Recreation Area

With so many well-known pristine natural areas on the Olympic Peninsula, Salt Creek Recreation Area often gets overlooked. This park overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca and offers a perfect coastal vantage point to watch the sun set on the western horizon. During low tide, you can explore the tidal pools, rest on a driftwood log, or stroll to the rock outcropping known as Tongue Point for a last glimpse of the day’s light.

Hurricane Ridge

If you are planning a trip to iconic Hurricane Ridge, a majestic sunrise or sunset awaits as the colors of the sky light up the snowcapped peaks of the Olympic Range. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature. Linger in the gathering darkness and watch the stars light up the night sky. 

Lake Crescent

This 17-mile lake just west of Port Angeles is beautiful at any time of the day, but it is absolutely stunning at sunset. You can catch the sunset over the lake at one of the quaint picnic spots or walk the Spruce Railroad Trail for an easy lakeside stroll. This 4 mile rail-to-trail path allows you to choose your trekking distance. Complete the entire hike to find old growth maple trees, moss covered stones, and sandy lake beaches. If you are looking for a casual outing, hike 1 mile out to a picturesque bridge spanning over a pool known as the Punchbowl. 

Dungeness Spit

Driving east toward Sequim you’ll find the Dungeness Spit, the longest natural sandspit in North America, reaching over 5 miles into the Salish Sea. At the end of the spit lies a classic lighthouse that welcomes visitors who venture out.  (Be sure to check the tide tables for optimal hiking conditions.) Whether you hike all the way out to the lighthouse or not, you can experience a panoramic view of the water. If you plan to visit the lighthouse, time your trip to reach it 2-3 hours before sunset so you can stop on the way back to bask in the beauty of the sunset over the waters. 

George Washington Inn

Perched on a high bluff just outside of Port Angeles lies the George Washington Inn, a stunning bed & breakfast that boasts some of the best sunrises and sunsets on the Olympic Peninsula. Gaze to the East and you’ll find the silhouette of Mt. Baker lit up with oranges, pinks, and purples. Gaze to the West and you’ll see a painting of intense colors that will reflect on everything around you. Sit back with a nice cup of tea and a couple treats and get ready for the show of a lifetime. 

While you could enjoy one of Port Angeles signature sunsets from anywhere around town, there are a couple viewpoints that are too remarkable to miss. Pack a picnic, bring a blanket, grab your favorite person in the world, and head out to one of these sunset spots for a perfect evening. 

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