An early morning sunrise

A recent TripAdvisor review jumped off the page! It makes running a B&B worth the early mornings and long days. These wonderful guests put a lot of effort into penning their thoughts as you can see, so we felt their review was worth sharing with you.

“This Inn should be #1 on TripAdvisor!!! We absolutely loved our stay at the George Washington Inn a few weeks ago and are already looking forward to returning. From the moment we walked in the door, until the time we pulled out, Dan and Janet were so kind and accommodating. Upon our arrival Janet gave us a tour of the Inn and the the best way I can describe this place is that it’s breathtakingly beautiful and EXTREMELY CLEAN. There’s stunning water views especially at sunset, an inviting screened in porch where you can enjoy breakfast, tea, or a board game, an enticing library, and beautiful grounds which are meticulously groomed to showcase their lovely lavender farm and store. Due to our overly ambitious hiking schedule their lavender shop was closed by the time we returned each night but they were so kind to allow me to go in and do some shopping on our last night where I found many unique and wonderful smelling lavender gifts for family. As for our room… It was so CLEAN! It also felt more like an apartment due to the large size. It included a nice kitchen and dining area (very clean!), a beautifully decorated bath with a large sunken tub (very clean too!), and a large comfy bed and sitting area that was decorated with period furnishings and a fireplace. Did I forget to say this place was spotlessly CLEAN? If so, this place is CLEAN! Yes, I might be a bit of a germ-aphobe and my adult children like to tease me about being OCD about cleanliness but it’s very comforting to know you are staying at a place thats as clean as you like to keep your own home. There is a door out our room that took you out onto the large veranda. I would have loved to have had time to snatch a book out of the library and sit out there reading while enjoying the beautiful water views and listening to the sounds of the crashing waves.

There is a peacefulness here that I have not experienced since moving from our country home a few months back. I wish I had known ahead of time that this place was going to be so inviting because I would have gladly extended our stay here to allow more time to enjoy what all it has to offer. If you are looking for a quiet relaxing place to escape this would definitely be it!

One last thing… I am a severe Celiac and can’t have even the smallest amount of gluten or I become very ill. Dan and Janet were so kind to accommodate my diet and had options for breakfast that I could also eat. I’ve never been one to want someone to change their menu just because of my food restrictions. I even mentioned to Janet while making my reservation to please not go out of her way to do anything different if they didn’t already have gluten free options on their menu… but she did anyway. (Thank you, it was so kind of you.) They also went way out of their way by setting out breakfast items very early in the morning just for us so we could eat before setting out on our long daily hikes. Even as we were loading up and getting ready to pull out Janet was out there asking if she could send us with food or a cup of coffee for the road since we didn’t have time to eat that morning. It’s very rare to come across a place like this anymore where the guests really are their #1 concern. Dan and Janet, we can’t say enough about how wonderful we think your place is and want you to know how much we greatly appreciated all that you did to make our stay so wonderful. It was your continuous hospitality that made our visit even more special. You both are wonderful and what a gem of a place you have. We can’t wait to return! Thanks Again!”