Enjoy these photos taken during the Washington Lavender Festival by Andrew Hill on July 18, 2014 from the big yellow bird. Twelve years ago it was just a worn out hay-field in need of some TLC. This fall we’ve doubled the number of lavender plants in the ground. We’re always trying to find more ways to enhance the stewardship of this beautiful vista that we found in 2002. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge for better viewing.

AH-07-18-14-4453 AH-07-18-14-4451 AH-07-18-14-4457 AH-07-18-14-4470 AH-07-18-14-4474 AH-07-18-14-4476 AH-07-18-14-4497 AH-07-18-14-4502 AH-07-18-14-4506 AH-07-18-14-4507 AH-07-18-14-4510 AH-07-18-14-4518 AH-07-18-14-4521 AH-07-18-14-4522 AH-07-18-14-4532 DSC00031