Hop on the Coho or the Victoria Express ferry and within an hour you can be in another world, literally. Just don’t forget your passport. Find out why Victoria is known to Canadians as “the city for the newly wed or nearly dead.” Over the past century it has grown to become a honeymoon destination and a retirement mecca for those who want to enjoy the sunset of life. It is a romantic getaway “par excellence.”

A scenic Inner Harbour is the center of it all. The majestic British Columbia Parliament and the sprawling Empress Hotel rise from the water and beckon the traveler to enter their grand halls. Nearby shops with quaint wares and native craft spill out in the streets. Red double-decker buses come and go all day. Most of these British buses are taking people to the Butchart Gardens, a renown world-class garden paradise located a short distance out into the rolling countryside.

Take the return ferry back to our Port Angeles bed and breakfast inn and spend your evening relaxing on the George Washington Inn‘s spacious veranda, soaking in Victoria’s shimmering lights from the other side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


Enjoy Victoria's lights from the veranda