With nearly one million acres, the Olympic National Park covers several distinctly diverse ecosystems. Take a romantic getaway and enjoy day trips to the wilderness of mountain streams that flow from the peaks, to the waves of the Pacific Ocean shore, to a magnificent temperate forest. The old-growth forest is rich with life and encompasses trails that intertwine between the contrasting ecosystems. Our inn is located on the Olympic Peninsula at the gateway to Olympic National Park and is just minutes away from it all.Olympic National Park Due to our close proximity, guests think we are in the perfect location for a day trip to the park! The Olympic National Park has so many activities and breathtaking sites to offer, we had a difficult time narrowing it down.

The 7 things you must do or see while visiting The Olympic National Park

1) Hike into the Hoh Rain Forest With about 134 inches of rain annually, the Hoh Rain Forest is always green, and almost always damp. Despite the amount of rain, the Hoh is still at the top of our must-see list. To get the best views of the forest, we suggest taking the Hall of Mosses Trail by the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center.

2) Visit the Sol Duc Falls Set within the thick temperate forest, meander beneath towering old trees to a misty, mossy ravine of the Sol Duc River. The river then plunges over the Sol Duc Falls, one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Washington State. The waterfall drops about 37 feet off of the cliff and is one of the most uniquely shaped waterfalls in the northwest.

3) Fish or Swim at Lake Crescent While this lake is a stunningly beautiful must see, it also offers an array of day activities. The lake is home to the Beardslee and Crescenti trout, two types of fish found nowhere else in the world! This lends to a one of a kind fishing experience. The lake is also a great place to go swimming, paddle boarding or kayaking.

4) Beach Comb at Ruby Beach Named for the ruby like crystals that can be found in the beach sand, Ruby Beach is one of the most well-known and highly anticipated beaches to visit along the Olympic Coastline. Located only a short 0.25-mile walk from the highway, Ruby beach is the perfect place to beach comb, take photographs or just enjoy a walk on the beach!

5) Drive Hurricane Ridge Named for the 75-mile-per-hour winds that blow here during the winter, Hurricane Ridge is definitely more of a summer attraction. From our inn, drive south on Hurricane Ridge for about 17 miles. The ridge is simply spectacular, offering breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and Olympic Peninsula Coastline.

6) Visit Rialto Beach Rialto Beach is one of the most accessible beaches along the west side of Olympic National Park as well as one of the most popular beaches on the Olympic Peninsula. Rialto Beach is a bit rocky, but possesses some of the most stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Like many of the beaches in this area, there is a good bit of driftwood along the shore, however the logs do make a good front row seat for watching a beautiful sunset.

7) Canoe on Lake Quinault Take a kayak or a canoe onto Lake Quinault, also known as “The Valley of the Giants” due to its size, or simply enjoy the view from the mossy green shores. Lake Quinault is also surrounded by hiking trails allowing the explorer in you to investigate the valley’s rain forest. Whether spending a romantic evening at Ruby Beach enjoying the sunset or fishing at Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park offers an abundance of activities and sights to see. With our luxury accommodations in combination with these exciting day trip opportunities, we hope you will choose George Washington Inn when planning your trip to visit the internationally acclaimed Olympic National Park.