The Olympic Game Farm is a Spectacular Attraction

Olympic Game Farm AnimalsThe Olympic Peninsula is a national treasure of wildlife and natural landscapes. For the past 40 years, the Olympic Game Farm has offered an opportunity for visitors to learn, observe and experience wildlife at close range. The Olympic Game Farm’s main attraction is a drive-through tour that is open year-round. During the summer, the tour also includes access to the petting farm, aquarium, duck pond, pheasant aviary, raccoon enclosure, reptile house and Historic Studio Barn. The Barn features the entire, fascinating history of the Olympic Game Farm and its connection to the early 20th-century Hollywood film industry, particularly its connection to Walt Disney!

The Olympic Game Farm Drive Tour

For a memorable, unique wildlife experience, the Olympic Game Farm Drive Tour has hosted visitors from around the world. Although you must remain in your vehicle throughout the driving tour, you can count on the free-range animals to approach your car and eagerly grab a slice of bread or two. (By law, visitors may only feed the animals whole wheat bread. You can bring your own or purchase some at the Olympic Game Farm.) Covering 84 acres of terrain, the Drive Tour exposes visitors to a variety of wildlife, including Llama, Tibetan Yak, Elk, American Bison, Spotted Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, European Fallow Deer, Zebra and domestic horses. You’ll be amazed by the variety of free-roaming animals. There’s really nothing else quite like it in the entire Pacific Northwest! The Drive Tour takes about one hour, but the admission is for the entire day so you can drive through as many times as you wish, particularly if you’re after some stunning photographs.

Animals in Residence at the Olympic Game Farm

The free-ranging animals seen on the Drive Tour aren’t the only residents at the Olympic Game Farm. For instance, the famous waving bears enjoy performing from behind their fence in hopes of being tossed a snack. Believe it or not, there are “in need” predators, and the Olympic Game Farm offers refuge to these important animals as well. The knowledgeable staff can give you a full run-down of the animal residents on the farm and their significance in the wild.

Historic Studio Barn

For most of his life, Lloyd Beebe, the Game Farm’s founder, had a love of the outdoors and a certain awe for the wildlife of this state. He loved to roam through the mountains, and Beebe began photographing his adventures so he could share his love of wildlife with others. Over time, his impressive wildlife film footage gained attention, leading him to a career in the film industry. He truly got to showcase the wildlife and habitats he loved so much. His first film was titled The Little Archer, with his five-year-old son Melvin as the human star of the show. Beebe’s footage eventually led to a fruitful partnership with Walt and Roy Disney all the way through the early 1970s. After Walt Disney’s death in 1965, Disney began to move away from producing nature films. In 1972, with the approval of Disney Studios, the Olympic Game Farm opened to the public. You can see the history of the Olympic Game Farm, Beebe’s nature filming, and collaboration with Disney in the historic Studio Barn.

About the Animals

The Olympic Game Farm acquires animals for various reasons and in several ways. Some of the animals are rescues, others are overflow from other licensed animal facilities, and some have been given as gifts by licensed/authorized individuals. Several of the animals themselves have had roles in Hollywood productions! The Olympic Game Farm maintains its premises and animal health and feeding exclusively from tourism proceeds. Winter is usually a lean time for visitors, so it’s the perfect time to go and support the Olympic Game Farm with your tourism dollars! Important Note: The Olympic Game Farm does keep game animals, but not for hunting. Several of the animals have had roles in the movie industry, including a National Geographic documentary on black bears.

Directions From Port Angeles

Follow Highway 101 towards Sequim. Turn left onto Carlsborg Road at the light. Turn right onto Old Olympic Highway. At the four-way stop turn right onto Woodcock Road. Turn left onto Ward Road. Follow Ward Road and the Olympic Game Farm is near the end of the road on the left.

Plan Your Visit

We know that after spending your days exploring the Olympic Peninsula, you will be ready to return to George Washington Inn for comfortable and peaceful evenings in a romantic suite with spectacular views. Make your online reservation today or contact us with any questions. To learn more about the area’s activities and events, download the Vacation Guide. We look forward to your visit! Photo Credit: twildlife / Thinkstock