Imagine how a Banff Springs Hotel or a Biltmore would look up at Hurricane Ridge, the gateway to the Olympic National Park! Please pardon the ugly building that the government thinks is sufficient. It’s too bad that it can only keep the road open on weekends during the winter months or will barricade the road when it wants a blank check from the taxpayers (i.e. recent government shutdown). This shameful lack of vision is the biggest travesty of stewardship in the amazing million acre Olympic National Park.


Banff Springs Hotel during the winter


A wedding at the Biltmore Estate

Is it any wonder that all the cruise ships coming back from Alaska head over to Victoria, instead of coming to Port Angeles? It’s absolute insanity! Maybe someone with an open mind is listening.


Evening on the Biltmore Estate

I think Port Angeles, recently labelled as the “Authentic North”, could learn a thing or two from an incredible sister city up north. Banff National Park surrounds Banff, Alberta like Port Angeles, Washington is surrounded by the Olympic National Park. Port Angeles is a couple hours from Seattle, like Banff is from Calgary. 99% of Banff residents rated the overall quality of life in their city as “very good” or “good” and were significantly more satisfied than other communities in Canada (Survey: Port Angeles has a distinct advantage…it also has a beautiful natural harbor and is the gateway to the Pacific Ocean! Now what will it take to make something like that happen in Port Angeles?

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff, Alberta, Canada