Social media of a bygone era

Eavesdropping is alive and well on Facebook, the new telephone party line. You can even choose your friends and neighbors on your own “party line”. Posting photos adds a whole new dimension. Gossip and subtle innuendos to family members and friends alike seem to be the norm. For that reason many of my friends from the older generations are afraid to venture into this new media. But then times are a-changing and you must keep up!

Since history has a way of repeating itself, how would Washington’s “Rules of Civility” apply to our new media? While social media appears to be the Wild West and anything goes, George Washington would have managed his interactions with a set of rules that protected his personal values and guided his online postings.

Some of his rules might have looked like these:

– Truly listen, read and understand the perspectives of others online and make sure you have a constructive contribution before you participate in the conversation.

– Be mindful of generational or vocational differences across all the social platforms.

– Use language appropriate to the forum you are speaking within. In general, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.

Social media provides this bed and breakfast inn, ideally located on the oceanfront between Sequim and Port Angeles, an up-to-date opportunity to share what’s happening at this exciting getaway. People come all over to enjoy the Mount Vernon West experience, which makes a perfect retreat near the million acre playground known as the Olympic National Park. We hope you will check us out on Facebook and “like” us!