I remember driving by a town that posted a sign, “Home of Kettle Falls: 1550 friendly people and one grouch!” Sometimes it helps to dig deeper and find the facts.


Like it or not, TripAdvisor seems to have become the most visible of all rating services for B&Bs. It is encouraging for us to know that our Trip Advisor reviews reflect a whole lot of very happy guests and one “grouch” (who didn’t stay with us). Unfortunately that “grouch” caused our inn’s ranking to drop from 1st place.

We’re very grateful for those who appreciate what we do…like our most recent guest who states: “The Inn is beautiful and the views are incredible. However, the most important element for a comfortable stay is a true passion by the owners for wonderful customer service. I’m happy to report that the owners did everything possible to make my stay comfortable. They greeted me by name at the front door, provided restaurant recommendations and even got up early to pack a tasty breakfast for me to take on the early morning ferry. Overall, my experience at the George Washington Inn was first-rate.”


We want our guests to leave with this kind of an experience. So what does an innkeeper learn from that rare time when a “grouch” comes by? One must try even harder to make lemonade out of those lemons that get tossed your way!