A Photographer’s Guide to Olympic Peninsula’s Most Scenic Vistas

  The Olympic Peninsula is filled with wildly scenic views all around. It seems like every curve in the road unveils a sight even more beautiful than the last. Bring your camera, phone, or watercolors as you’ll want to capture these vistas to bring home with you.    Ruby Beach When most people think of [...]

Ultimate Olympic National Park Birding Guide

  It is no secret that the Olympic Peninsula is a birder’s heaven. A wide variety of native species can be spotted 365 days a year with several migratory species passing through. You don’t have to be an experienced birder with the eye of a hawk to have fun and spot some of the Pacific [...]

Where to Catch the Best Sunsets in Port Angeles

Port Angeles is blessed with beauty all around. Mountains, evergreens, beaches, and a quaint downtown make for some picturesque scenery that is magnified twice a day as the sun rises and sets over the horizons. For a romantic evening, pack a picnic and head to one of these impressive viewpoints for a sunset that will [...]

The Most Romantic Spots on the Olympic Peninsula

The Most Romantic Spots on the Olympic Peninsula With rugged mountains, sandy beaches, and lush rainforests, it isn’t hard to fall in love with the Olympic Peninsula. Planning a getaway to Port Angeles and exploring Olympic National Park can be one of the most romantic vacations in the Pacific Northwest. Dine at award-winning restaurants, gaze [...]

Making Handcrafted Cold Process Soap For Our Guests

Natural alternatives to commercial antibacterial soaps such as cold process soaps are becoming more popular. This effort has resurrected the ancient art of soap making. If you are new to making cold process soap you are in for a real treat! It can seem like a daunting undertaking at first, but it is such a [...]

The History of America’s “National Drink”

Back in the days of the Boston Tea Party, drinking coffee became an act of patriotism. The historical links of George Washington to coffee are interesting.

Charles Wilkes and the Pacific Northwest

Wilkes and the Pacific Northwest Old maps are fascinating and can tell many stories. In an old family Bible that had been passed down for generations, a folded world map from 1855 was found and has been recently preserved in an encased frame for guests to enjoy here at the inn. On this old map, Central Africa [...]

Best Places to Shop in Sequim

Best Places to Shop in Sequim ~ Sequim lavender farm shops Come shop in Sequim where you can enjoy shopping in the quaint shops and the lavender farm stores. The city has a diverse array of small, boutique shops with nearby farm stores and gift shops on their beautiful lavender farms, The Sequim-Dungeness Valley [...]

Best Places to Shop in Port Angeles

Best Places to Shop in Port Angeles Port Angeles Farmer's Market The Olympic Peninsula in Washington is well known for its stunning landscape and plethora of activities available for exploring the outdoors. However, with its diverse array of small, family-owned shops, it’s also a great place to go shopping. On your next trip to [...]

When is the Best Time for Port Angeles Whale Watching?

The Best Time for Port Angeles Whale Watching The Smithsonian Magazine names Port Angeles, Washington as one of the country's top whale-watching destinations. Guests at the beautiful George Washington Inn near Port Angeles, may be lucky enough to enjoy whale watching with their morning coffee while gazing down from the inn's bluff along the Strait of Juan [...]

Why are the Olympic Peninsula Lighthouses So Special?

Why are the Olympic Peninsula Lighthouses So Special? Long before boats were equipped with modern technology, captains navigating unfamiliar waters had no choice but to rely on maps, landmarks, and lighthouses to make it safely into a harbor. More than 18 lighthouses dot the Washington coastline, 8 of which are right here on the Olympic [...]

The 5 Best Olympic National Park Tours

The 5 Best Olympic National Park Tours There are places within the Olympic National Park in Washington that seem to be straight out of a movie. The lush rain forest is picture perfect with rays of sun shining through the thick canopy of trees. In the old growth forest, you can find walkways and wooden [...]

Olympic National Park Wildlife

Olympic National Park Wildlife Established in 1938, the Olympic National Park in Washington State spans nearly 1 million acres of preserved wilderness and is home to a diverse array of plants, animals, and insects. While you’re staying at George Washington Inn, we highly recommend taking a least one day to explore the nearby park to [...]

The Best Things to See Along the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway

The Best Things to See Along the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway The Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway, a scenic byway also known as Highway 112, provides a stunning, meandering drive through the Pacific Northwest. What is now known as the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway began in the 19th century as [...]

10 Cool Things You Need to Know About Port Angeles History

10 Cool Things You Need to Know About Port Angeles History George Washington Inn is located along the same coast of the Straits of Juan de Fuca as the beautiful Port Angeles Harbor. Port Angeles is a small seaside town in the Pacific Northwest that is known for its whale watching, a nearly [...]

What is the Best Olympic Peninsula Lodging?

What is the Best Olympic Peninsula Lodging? When you're planning a visit to the Pacific Northwest, you may find yourself asking, "What is the best Olympic Peninsula lodging?" The answer is clear: The award-winning George Washington Inn, which was voted the Best B&B by the Peninsula Daily News in the Best of the Peninsula roundup [...]

Where in the World are the San Juan Islands?

Where in the World are the San Juan Islands?Where are the San Juan Islands? Well, before we journey even farther north, we must start in Port Angeles, Washington. This coastal town is one of the northernmost points in the state, north of Seattle and just south of Vancouver Island. Here, visitors can participate in activities [...]

The Olympic Game Farm is a Spectacular Attraction

The Olympic Game Farm is a Spectacular Attraction The Olympic Peninsula is a national treasure of wildlife and natural landscapes. For the past 40 years, the Olympic Game Farm has offered an opportunity for visitors to learn, observe and experience wildlife at close range. The Olympic Game Farm's main attraction is a drive-through tour that is [...]

5 of the Best Reasons to Visit Peninsula College

5 of the Best Reasons to Visit Peninsula College Peninsula College in Port Angeles is an established education, culture, and athletics hub in the region. These relevant community programs enrich the Peninsula through practical knowledge and creative endeavors. For example, Peninsula College in Port Angeles hosts outstanding cultural events where you can learn about the [...]

Olympic Peninsula Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Olympic Peninsula Events You Don't Want to Miss The Olympic Peninsula has everything you could want: incredible landscapes, a fascinating history, a vast array of wildlife, and gifted artists, not to mention plenty of exciting events to attend! These Olympic Peninsula events, some recurring throughout the year and others just once a year, always do [...]

5 Keys to Observing the Night Sky at Olympic National Park

According to the National Parks Service website, two of the best locations for observing the night sky are right here on the Olympic Peninsula. Kalaloch Third Beach and Spruce Railroad at Lake Crescent offer some of the nation's most incredible views.

Where is the Olympic Peninsula? We’re Glad You Asked!

You might have heard of the Olympic Peninsula but aren’t quite sure what the region offers regarding climate, scenery, outdoor activities, lodging and more! You have come to the right place. The following information is an introduction to the Pacific Northwest and its many opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Let’s start with the basics: Where is the Olympic Peninsula?

Looking for a Port Angeles Fly Shop?

Fly fishers, a visit to the Olympic Peninsula is the trip of a lifetime--at any time! The fishery is incredibly diverse and productive all year round, no matter if your preference is freshwater or saltwater fly angling. Fortunately, you'll find the best Port Angeles fly shop when you go to Waters West.

What is the Significance of the Port of Port Angeles?

The Port of Port Angeles is a place where history meets modern life. Where function meets fun. Established in 1923, the Port of Port Angeles is a vital component of regional industry. Comprised of four marine terminals, two airports, two marinas, and several other industrial and commercial properties, the Port of Port Angeles is a bustling hub on the Olympic Coast.

Get a Taste of the Olympic Coast at Ruby Beach

The Olympic Peninsula's majestic landscapes draw visitors year-round. Fortunately, the Olympic National Park is open 24 hours a day year-round. One highly recommended location for getting a taste of the Olympic Coast is the Park's Ruby Beach.

Third year in a row!

Voted Best Bed and Breakfast for the third year in a row. You inspire us to keep doing our best.

4 Things That May Surprise You About Port Angeles History

Port Angeles has been around for a long time! In fact, just recently some tangible evidence has emerged that confirms the idea that this stretch of land has been inhabited since before the birth of Christ! This is just another one of the reasons that you should come and visit us at the George Washington [...]

NW Colonial Festival is launched!

Enjoy some photos from the inaugural NW Colonial Festival, held at George Washington Inn and Estate from July 15-19, 2015.

A Guide to 4th of July Activities on the Olympic Peninsula

July 4th is approaching fast and we can't help but think of all the fun things to do on the Olympic Peninsula. Summer is always an enjoyable season here, but even more so due to patriotic events. Many are happening so plan to spend Independence Day in this beautiful part of the country. The following [...]

Things to do at The Olympic National Park

With nearly one million acres, the Olympic National Park covers several distinctly diverse ecosystems. Take a romantic getaway and enjoy day trips to the wilderness of mountain streams that flow from the peaks, to the waves of the Pacific Ocean shore, to a magnificent temperate forest. The old-growth forest is rich with life and encompasses trails [...]

Another unexpected accolade

It is with a debt of gratitude that we say "thank you" to our local community for giving us this humbling honor. It challenges us to keep on keeping on.

A new year brings a beautiful labyrinth

Throughout history labyrinths have decorated gardens.

Views from a big yellow bird

Enjoy these bird's eye views of the 2014 Washington Lavender Festival.

The colonial festival takes off

What an incredible weekend it was here on the grounds of Mount Vernon West! The Washington Lavender Farm is part of the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association "Farm Tour" that has been the draw for thousands who have discovered "America's Provence" here in the Sequim Valley over the past two decades.

A great summer day for our first Hymn Sing!

The inaugural Hymn Sing by the Sea was held at George Washington Inn and Estate.

Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy a patriotic sunrise on Independence Day 2014!

A Cup of George

Did you know that coffee was called a "cup of George" long before it was called a "cup of Joe"? During WWI all the coffee output in the United States was requisitioned by the US Army. As a dominant producer at that time, the G. Washington Coffee Refining Company proudly advertised its contribution to the war effort, "G. Washington's Refined Coffee has gone to WAR." The following were some of the comments that were received from American soldiers who were fighting in the European trenches and enjoying, as they called it, their "cup of George", named for the company's owner, George Constant Louis Washington of Brooklyn, NY.

Hymn Sing by the Sea

Enjoy our country's rich hymn heritage in an inaugural Hymn Sing at George Washington Inn & Estate.

Striving to be the best!

The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! Striving to be the best that they can be hasn't been easy.

Making a world of difference on the Olympic Peninsula

Coming from faraway places, these recent guest comments show the impact that our ten acre retreat is making around the world. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Sequim Lavender Weekend

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Horseless carriages arrive!

Members of the Sea-Tac Horseless Carriage Club arrive for an afternoon visit.

Happy Independence Day, by George!

It appears like a mirage out east of Port Angeles: a mansion that looks a lot like Mount Vernon in Virginia. Come closer, and you see it: The imposing white house, with red flowers in front and blue water behind, is the West Coast replica of George Washington's place.

Evening views from the cupola

Summer brings so many wonderful sights that can be viewed from the inn. Two of our favorites are the cruise ships and sunsets.

Has a lemon been tossed your way?

I remember driving by a town that posted a sign, "Home of Kettle Falls: 1550 friendly people and 1 grouch!" Sometimes it helps to dig deeper and find the facts.

A Royal Lavender

Lavender has a long history in the royal household. A cologne was commissioned by George V that tied Balmoral to lavender.

Summer Sunsets

The setting sun inches north until it disappears over the mountains. It was a remarkable end to a perfect day!

Baroque music is in the air

This summer you may hear beautiful baroque music coming from under the inn's portico. Read more.

George Celebrates Another Birthday!

George made an appearance at the inn to celebrate his birthday.

George Washington Inn Turns Five

A west coast replica of George Washington's Mount Vernon turned 5 years old on February 16, 2013.

George Washington’s Birthday Tea

Celebrate George Washington's 281st birthday at George Washington Inn. Enjoy High Tea on the oceanfront piazza of "Mount Vernon West".

I Fell In Love

I fell in love with your inn the moment I came across it.

What Else Can You Say?

The most welcomed words to an innkeeper: "We can't wait to return. Thanks Again!"

A Look Inside

George Washington Inn was built by the owners with the desire to share this incredible view property with others.

Early on a Sunday Morning

A bank of clouds developed at daybreak out on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and headed towards the inn, but there was a surprise below.

Moonlight on the Bluff

This morning a full moon was in view over the port of Port Angeles.

Our Guests Take It Away

The innkeeper's greatest reward is a good review. How our guests feel when they leave makes all the difference to us.

A Golden Eagle And An Eye-Catching Moment

Our busy innkeeper happened to glance out the window to catch this beautiful golden eagle.

Pray For Our Nation

It's refreshing to look back at our nation's history and to draw some inspiration from our forefathers' faith.

A Weekend at the Sequim Balloon Festival

The Sequim Balloon Festival held its first annual event this past weekend. The weather was at its best.

The Innkeeper’s Report Card

As thoughts turn back to school, it's a great time to grade the innkeeper.

Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck is a proud American company in Boston, MA. It's been fun to watch them build their small business and shine a light on our history at the same time.

Ships Ahoy

Summer cruise ships sail past the inn on their way to Alaska. Each ship must drop off a pilot to a waiting ferry near Port Angeles before they change course to sail along the coast of Vancouver Island.

Summer Memories

Enjoy this photo blog of summer memories at our inn and lavender farm between Sequim and Port Angeles.

What’s In A Sunrise?

Don't miss the sunrise when morning gilds the skies!

More Than a Thousand Words

Sunsets never cease to amaze!

Mark your calendar!

Ride to the Sequim-Dungeness Valley during the peak of their lavender season.

The West Coast Constitution

Did you know there's a Mount Constitution on the west coast? It's on Orcas Island, and at an elevation of 2,399 feet is the highest point on the San Juan Islands.

The Last Days of Summer

This morning when I first stepped outside, the feeling of fall was in the air. But the sun's rays soon chased that feeling away. We know summer is passing and fall is waiting in the wings.

Bees and Lavender

Bees love lavender. When it's time to harvest lavender, the bees are busy at work. But will they sting you?

The Story Behind A Washington Venture

About halfway between Sequim and Port Angeles, along Finn Hall Road, the stately George Washington Inn bedazzles passersby and visitors alike. It does, after all, closely resemble George and Martha Washington’s mansion at Mount Vernon, near Alexandria, Virginia.

Good Morning, Deer!

It's always a delight to see deer prance around in the early morning.

A Sunset To Remember

Sunsets are sometimes surreal here along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Add to that passing cruise ships heading out to sea.

5 Things To Do Before You Die

Aren't you glad that God gave us five senses to enjoy the world around us! Live your dreams while you can.

Beautiful Lavender To See and Smell

Sequim lavender is at its peak and many visitors are flocking to its lavender farms.

How to Grow Beautiful Lavender

A white paper, compiled by the farmers who belong to the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association, will provide the homeowner with some helpful guidelines for growing healthy, long lasting lavenders.

Minding the Store

The Washington Lavender farm store is in its second season. Throughout the months of July and August you can enjoy all things lavender on the fields and in our store.

George has a Bad Hair Day

Our favorite eagle is seen with a cowlick.

Facebook is the New Telephone Party Line

Eavesdropping is alive and well on Facebook, the new telephone party line. You can even choose your neighbors and friends on your own "party line".

Car Parade on a Picture Perfect Day

Gleaming old beauties lined the circle drive at George Washington Inn yesterday. Classic cars came from all over the peninsula and beyond.

Classic Cars

Today at 11 AM more than sixty classic cars will be driving up the breathtaking lavender lane at George Washington Inn and one of Sequim's famous lavender farms, Washington Lavender Farm.

Sequim makes the list!

Sequim makes Mike's Road Trip list of "Ten towns not to miss this summer" and a very special B&B inn is a featured link.

Summer of Our Dreams

The story and song in celebration of ten years by the sea.

Smelling good!

Washington liked to smell good. One of his favorite fragrances was Number Six Cologne, a blend of rosemary, bergamot, orange blossoms and 28 other aromatics that is still made in its original formula by Caswell-Massey

High Tea at the Inn

High Tea at George Washington Inn! Feb. 22, 2012 - Limited to 3 sittings (11 am, 1:15 pm, 3:30 pm). Call 360-452-5207 to make a reservation.

O God, Our Help In Ages Past

O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Our shelter from the stormy blast, And our eternal home.

A Christmas Train

A temporary narrow gauge railroad was set up on the grounds of George Washington Inn and Estate between Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington

Happy Thanksgiving!

"It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favors."

The Olympics Continue From Here

The Olympic National Park is a Northwest treasure trove. Come and discover it all! We'll help you get started.

Kate Middleton, America Connects

A rags-to-riches story adds to the anticipation of that day when every young girl's dream is realized in a commoner's long walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey to become a real princess.

Who Was George Washington?

The author of a #1 national bestseller, Dr. Peter Lillback, spoke to a full house at George Washington Inn on March 24, 2011. His book, George Washington's Sacred Fire, rose to the top of Amazon's bestsellers for an entire week last summer and remained in the top one hundred for months on end.

A Hero For The Ages

George Washington shot a straight arrow for subsequent presidents to follow. He was indeed a hero for the ages!

Apples of Gold

An encouraging word goes a long way and become "apples of gold in pictures of silver."

Making That Perfect Cup of Coffee

Ever wonder what has gone into making that perfect cup of coffee?

Merry Christmas, Martha!

Enjoy this short video clip where the spirit of George Washington is captured in cartoon format. Washington's dedication to his country and his tender love for his beloved wife, Martha, rings true as he arrives home for Christmas.

Coffee and MIT

George Washington Inn is honored to loan a vintage G. Washington coffee can for MIT's 150th anniversary exhibition.

The Baptism of George Washington

In the presence of 42 witnesses George Washington was baptized by immersion in the Potomac.

Victoria, BC – A City to Explore

Find out why Victoria is known to Canadians as "the city for the newly wed or nearly dead." Over the past century it has grown to become a honeymoon destination and a retirement mecca for those living in life's sunset. It is a destination "par excellence."

George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

...[T]hat we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed...

The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King

A series of videos on the life of George Washington as portrayed by David Sutherland on "The American Experience." An introduction is given by American author, David McCullough.