Ball and Buck, the reverse of “buck and ball”  (the common load for muzzle-loading muskets that was used in the early days of our nation) is a proud all American-made company in Boston, MA. It’s been fun to watch them build their small business and focus on our history at the same time. Here’s what they are all about: “We’re an all American company—born and bred with red, white, and blue running through our veins. The things that make us Americans, have always been the things we create. By incorporating the freedom and honor fought for by our forefathers whilst emphasizing American quality over foreign quantity, we’re refocusing on the pride America once had. Through hard work, honesty, & integrity, Ball and Buck is bringing America back to her roots.” Their website goes on to say, “During the American Revolution, George Washington encouraged his troops to use “buck and ball” loads for their muskets. This loading method, that used smaller pellets to make a greater impact on target, inspired those of us here, in the birthplace of that revolution. Here, in Boston, a new kind of American company has been born. With a revolutionary twist on an American tradition (pun intended), Ball and Buck is a company with an ambitious vision and strong principals. We may be starting small, but we’re fighting for the greater good. With your help, Ball and Buck will bring America back to the very roots on which she was founded–one garment at a time.” At George Washington Inn, we salute Ball and Buck for their effort in building a good business in which all American patriots can take pride.