A recent edition of the Daily Mail had an amazing photo of a resplendent queen out in a field on her Balmoral estate in Scotland. Imagine lavender growing there on the Scottish highlands. One might even mistakenly identify the heather as lavender in this photo. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather, George V, tied lavender to Balmoral when he commissioned perfume-maker, Creed, to develop the now century old fragrance known as Royal Scottish Lavender? Lavender has a long history in the royal household.

The Queen’s 60th Anniversary photo taken in the Scottish highlands

Here’s the story about this Creed fragrance.

Royal Scottish Lavender is mysterious. Mysterious like the man for whom it was created: George V, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland etc. From the name, one would expect a harmless, one-note eau de cologne. Instead, you get a trip back in time.

Balmoral, the Scottish castle and estate from which the scent takes its inspiration, is less a place than a psycho-geography. As it was for his mother Victoria after the death of her Albert, Balmoral was for George V a refuge from the pressures of London and Buckingham Palace. It allowed for country pursuits in relative isolation, as few of the aristocratic set would venture that far north. Royal Scottish Lavender, commissioned by George in 1900 when he was still HRH Prince of Wales, succeeds at evoking the place itself: the lavender which wafted through the casement windows, the precious Mysore sandalwood which scented the soaps in the royal bath, the vanilla of the tea biscuits.

Royal Scottish Lavender is perhaps one of the most aromatherapeutic of the Creed fragrances. The citrus and lavender make for a pronounced and heady accord, but after around twenty-five minutes mellows and melds with the sandalwood-spice and the absolue de vanille in the base. Ancient, noble and fit for an English king, indeed.


Source: Sniffpalooza Magazine

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