Alright, we know you want to come inside…so come on in and take a peek!

George Washington Inn was built by the owners with the desire to share this incredible view property with others. Part of the reason why our guests choose to come and stay at this Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast is because it’s a private inn, with limited access to others.

A good sense of humor helps us keep that perspective. Often people drive down the long driveway and park in front of our sign posted next to the gatepost that reads, “Private – Registered Guests Only”. In spite of this gentle reminder, people can’t seem to resist walking past the sign and up to the front door to offer their own excuse to come inside. After being open for almost five years, we think we’ve heard every excuse imaginable. Occasional public functions and special events, such as our high tea on George Washington’s birthday, allow access without an overnight stay.

Thanks for dropping by for this short tour of “Mount Vernon West”. We hope you’ll come back and stay with us at our oceanfront retreat!